A writing group I follow on Facebook posted this photo a few days ago and suggested we write something related to the image. Here is Mine:

I sPhotography Inspiration | Prompts, Writing Prompts And Creative Writing within Creative Writing Stimulusat on the cot. My wrists shackled to a heavy chain attached to a wall made of rock, it only allowed me to walk ten steps before pulling tight. The place smelled of damp earth and excrement. Squeaking and scratching sounded from above making my skin crawl. It was pitch black. My idea of time was skewed; the darkness swallowed me, except for a tiny light that flowed through the keyhole below the knob. It was a beacon of hope tempting me to believe there was something beyond this chamber, an escape.

A lie.

A shadow passed by the door. Footsteps shuffled on the other side. The light disappeared as a key entered the hole and a click echoed through the room. The door creaked open, light blinded me. A large shadow appeared in the doorway. My eyes adjusted, and then I heard someone scream.

It was me.


The published link to “Into the Dark”

Here it is!

The link to my published short story. Enjoy!


I want to thank Ariel Chart for helping me publish my first short story. They were easy to work with and quick. If you are looking for an Online Literary Journal to work with, I would highly recommend them.